Suzan Hughes Shines in the Spotlight

Philanthropist, fitness pioneer and actress Suzan Hughes has returned to her Hollywood roots recently walking the red carpets of Seth Rogan’s Neighbors and Jim Carrey’s Dumb and Dumber To premieres.  Having known the Farrelly Brothers for some time, the Kingpin actress, was excited about the premiere and subsequent success of her friend Jim Carrey’s new hit comedy.  “Jim Carrey is such a talented guy and he made the film really fun to watch,” said Suzan.

Suzan Hughes
Suzan Hughes and Peter Farrelly

Suzan is no stranger to the red carpet or to comedy.  She has been in over 25 television shows,  films and stage productions.  She has done stand up in the past, even in Las Vegas and has been featured in everything from the Bold and the Beautiful to Million Dollar Listing.  Suzan can do it all.  There is a documentary film in the works and a book, which she admits, takes up a great deal of time.  “I like working.  It’s what I know to do,” she said.  “Just not 60-70 hours a week like I have done in the last decade.  It was a very busy and tumultuous period in my life and I was unable to devote any time to my creative outlets and passion projects. That has all changed, “ said Suzan.  “Now I am working on a project that people have been urging me to do for sometime.  They say it is interesting and fascinating –  some say the most incredible story they have ever heard.”


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