Comedianne Suzan Hughes

Suzan HughesSuzan Hughes is an actress and has performed comedy at some of the most iconic clubs in America including the famed Comedy Store in Los Angeles, the Laugh Factory in Hollywood where Dave Chappelle has performed, the Ice House in Pasadena, Harrah’s in Las Vegas and the legendary flagship club the Hollywood Improv where Dane Cook and Louis CK have all been known to perform. The Laugh Factory in particular is a hot spot and is where Kevin Nealon broadcasts his weekly talk show. The club’s owner Jamie Mascada is as much a celebrity as the club itself. It’s definitely the place to be for great comedy. Not only has Suzan done stand-up in all of these clubs but she has also co-starred in film comedies like Kingpin and been featured on hit television comedies like Roseanne.

An individual who wants to see a good stand-up comedy routine can visit clubs and other local spots, since comedians frequently tour all around the country. However, a person who wants to see stand-up in a legendary setting would be advised to travel to New York City or Los Angeles, where a number of the world’s most renowned comedy venues can be found. New York’s Gotham Comedy Club is one such establishment, despite having been open for only 15 years. The relatively new site has already attracted major stars of comedy including Lewis Black not to mention television shows such as Last Comic Standing. Other New York comedy hotspots take the form of comedy troupe theaters like Upright Citizens Brigade on West 26th Street, a company that has turned out a number of comedy celebrities, including Amy Poehler of Saturday Night Live and Parks and Recreation fame.

Great Los Angeles venues include the Improv or The Comedy & Magic Club, where performers like Jay Leno make weekly appearances. Suzan recently performed at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk in Universal City, Los Angeles. For more information on Suzan please visit or follow her on twitter.


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