Take 10 in 2016

Suzan Hughes, a certified fitness trainer and wellness pioneer is the inventor of Rollermax and originator of the training regimen, “Take 10 to a Better You.”

Big Results in Small Steps

Happy New Year everyone!  As you are reading this you may have already given up on your proposed exercise program for the new year.  Same routine as last year, you start strong but quickly give up because you get sore and frustrated.  You skip a day or two or seven and eventually get busy and move on.  Well, you are not alone so don’t despair.

I want to empower you to overcome such discouragement and move forward to the best you can be.  My secret is to start small and build upon your success.  A giant stone wall is built one step at a time.

If you have planned an hour of exercise but cannot fit it in, don’t panic.  I am going as strong as ever by just keeping it simple.  Taking 10 for me.  When you take 10 it will pay off for you too.

I barely had time to write this article but I managed to squeeze it in my schedule similar to the way I fit in the “Take 10” philosophy during the holiday party season.  As a matter of fact, what gave me the energy to start writing this was the fact that I was so pressured for time.  For my exercise routine I only had 10 minutes so I picked up my 7 pound weights and did 10 lunges.  10 squats and 10 dead lifts.  Then I did some simple stretches and that concluded my body toning workout for a hectic Monday morning.

suzan hughes

Excuses, excuses.  We all have them.  New Yorkers claim if you live in California you  have space to exercise in your home or backyard.  It’s true.  California is almost always sunny.  At least in the Southern part.  Well, in New York you have tons of stairs in almost every building.  Do that 10 minutes everyday.  You will be miles ahead of the person who doesn’t exercise.  Start slow, taking 5 flights when you can.  Then quicken the pace.  The following week, add a few more flights.  Just stop at 10 minutes a day.  That’s 70 minutes a week.  Not much time.  A little over an hour and you will see guaranteed results!

Remember to do your own program.  This is all about you.  The 21st century is so busy and we have to keep going but we must remember to give a gift to ourselves – exercise.  Like a treadmill, life goes on its manic way.   Our lives get busier each year.  I myself have been waiting for calmness the past ten years.  The way technology is heading, we will have more and more options to do more but until biotechnology comes up with robotic bodies, you are responsible to still take care of you.  To attain this conditioning, we need good habits/  Small habits have big pay offs.  Consistency is key.  Your body has muscle memory and it needs fuel, i.e., food but it also needs movement and life which is attainable through mini exercise bites.

Take 10 to a better you!



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