2015 D.A.R.E. International Anti-Bullying Conference

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Suzan Hughes is the founder of the Herbalife Family Foundation and a fitness expert certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine. An advocate for youth education, Suzan Hughes devotes significant time to the D.A.R.E. program and has garnered the organization’s Future of America Award.

Established in 1983, D.A.R.E. has rapidly expanded and now offers innovative educational programs around the world focusing on substance abuse prevention. In addition to drug education, D.A.R.E. works to raise the awareness of bullying in classrooms and playgrounds, as well as prevent it from happening. The 2015 D.A.R.E. International Anti-Bullying Conference, scheduled for August 4 to 6 in New Orleans, will provide a forum for discussing strategies to address bullying and its effects.

The conference will feature various internationally recognized speakers, including Randy Wiler, director of the Kansas Bullying Prevention program, and violence prevention expert Gabriela Baeza. Conference attendees can also benefit from several networking events where they can collaborate on solutions to bullying.


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