Tips for Acting on Camera

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A fitness expert and creator of the Take 10 and See program for personal wellness, Suzan Hughes also stands out as an accomplished screen actress. To date, Suzan Hughes has appeared in such television and film projects as Beverly Hills Holistic and the NBC production Victoria Beckham: Coming to America.

Acting on camera requires different skills than a performer uses for the stage. A camera catches every detail of an actor’s behavior, so he or she must be steady and subtle.

Film acting requires eliminating small behavioral tics such as licking the lips or touching the face, while relaxing enough to behave authentically. A relaxed actor is one who can concentrate on the scene and on fellow actors, which in turn leads to authentic reaction.

Actors must also know how to work with the camera on a conscious level. Experienced film actors know to make eye contact only with a scene partner’s downstage eye, as this helps the actor to keep his or her gaze from the otherwise natural eye-to-eye shift.

Furthermore, a screen actor knows how to stand asymmetrically to preserve stability and eliminate swaying, which is extremely noticeable on camera. The actor must become comfortable enough to do all of these things naturally and unconsciously so as to deliver an authentic performance.


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