Benefits of the 10-minute Workout

Dedicated to personal health since the age of 13, Suzan Hughes has earned certification as a fitness expert from the National Association of Sports Medicine. Suzan Hughes also stands out as the developer of the Take 10 and See program, which encourages participants to commit 10 minutes each day to exercise.

In 2013, researchers at Boston University announced the results of a study that examined the effects of 10-minute exercise sessions. The experiment involved the efforts of more than 2,100 volunteers of both genders, more than half of whom carried excess weight.

The volunteers, average age 47, wore a sensor that monitored all of their daily activities. The results showed that those who exercised enough weighed less and had a lower body mass index (BMI), but that this exercise is as effective in 10-minute bursts as it is in longer workout sessions.

Furthermore, the exertion that the sensors measured included not only traditional gym workouts and sports participation, but also everyday physical activities, such as cleaning the house and shoveling snow. In healthy volunteers, this collective exercise added up to the national recommended amount of approximately 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of intense exercise per week.

These findings in Boston also serve to complement additional research at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana, which found that a group of women who began exercising with 10-minute walking sessions saw improvement in heart health after only six months. Together, these studies suggest that even reluctant exercisers can see significant health improvement with a daily commitment.


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