Goodsearch and Goodshop – Charity for Shopping and Searching

Goodsearch pic

As the founder of the Herbalife Family Foundation, Suzan Hughes is dedicated to charity and helping others where she can. While Suzan Hughes answered her call to give by founding her own nonprofit, you don’t have to do quite so much to give. Using the Goodshop and Goodsearch websites, you can donate to your charity of choice–including the Herbalife Family Foundation–just by searching the Internet and shopping online.

Goodshop and Goodsearch provide anyone with the opportunity to give to their charity of choice, even when they can’t afford a monetary donation. Goodsearch donates a penny to your organization of choice for every search you conduct using the organization’s Yahoo-powered search engine.

With apps for both Apple and Android users, Goodshop offers coupons to top retailers and brands. Coupon savings total over $100 million. Every time you buy something either through the Goodshop website or app, a percentage of your purchase price goes to your charity of choice at no extra cost to you. To learn more about Goodshop and Goodsearch, visit


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