About Suzan Hughes

suzan hughesSuzan Hughes is an advocate for children’s causes, an entrepreneur, a health and fitness expert, an actress-comedienne, and an active supporter of bi-partisan political initiatives.  Suzan Hughes is the co-founder of the Herbalife Family Foundation, a charitable arm of Herbalife, an herbal nutrition company Suzan helped Herbalife founder Mark Hughes catapult into a billion-dollar a year business.  Suzan Hughes’ life mission, in addition to spreading awareness on the importance of health and wellness, is delivering to families the awareness of the importance of parenting skills.  Suzan is the recipient of numerous honors and awards as a result of her work with children and parent organizations, including three Woman of the Year awards, the Friends of Sheba Medical Center’s Woman of Achievement Award, Southern California Counseling Center’s Wallis Annenberg Founders Award, and the D.A.R.E. program’s Future of America Award.  Suzan Hughes has been an educator, leader, and board member involved with numerous health and child advocacy groups.  Suzan Hughes is the CEO of Suzan Hughes Enterprises and the founder of ROLLERMAX, Inc., the company behind the exercise roller product now a staple in gyms across the country.  Suzan is a known political campaigner, has pledged ardent support of bi-partisan political initiatives like Jean-Michel Cousteau’s groundbreaking ocean conservation project, and is an adept fundraiser.  Suzan Hughes believes firmly in the importance of both inner and outer fitness: for Suzan, a fit body is as important as a spiritually balanced mind.  Suzan is a National Association of Sports Medicine-certified fitness expert, a second-degree brown belt in Karate, a comedienne, and an actress.


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